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Propane is:

  • Clean

    Propane emits less greenhouse gas than gasoline, diesel, and electricity in many applications.

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  • Reliable

    Our national supply network means you'll have the fuel you need when you need it.

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  • Economical

    The cost of propane as a motor fuel is less than gasoline or diesel.

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There are a number of technologies available to convert traditional-fuel vehicles to propane/gasoline dual-fuel status. These types of conversions take a number of approaches and offer a variety of options, but in the most typical application, the engine starts on gasoline and switches automatically to propane. Original operation and performance are uncompromised, but there is a reduction in exhaust emissions, including CO2. This cost-effective approach reduces overall fleet fuel cost and increases the standard vehicle range.

The Ford Crown Victoria and Lincoln Grand Marquis have EPA-certified propane/gasoline dual-fuel conversions systems, making dual-fuel a popular choice with many taxi and law-enforcement fleets.

Propane/Diesel Injection

For heavier applications, a number of after-market propane injection systems are available for converting traditional diesel engines. These popular systems offer improved power, reduced diesel fuel consumption, reduced emissions, and lower fuel costs when compared to traditional diesel engines.

Learn more about propane/diesel injection (PDF).

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