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Propane is:

  • Clean

    Propane emits less greenhouse gas than gasoline, diesel, and electricity in many applications.

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  • Reliable

    Our national supply network means you'll have the fuel you need when you need it.

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  • Economical

    The cost of propane as a motor fuel is less than gasoline or diesel.

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Conversion Companies

FerrellAutogas partners with the best in the alternative fuel business to ensure your to propane autogas transition is smooth and successful.

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Autogas saves you money

A broad range of tax incentives are available to fleets that convert to clean-burning propane autogas.

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The Performance You Expect, Cleanly

Autogas provides fleets with the power they’ve come to expect from traditional fuels, but with significant economic and environmental benefits.

Bi-fuel and Dedicated Autogas Vehicles

Dozens of models and configurations, from cars to heavy trucks, have been EPA and CARB approved. Come see the future of your fleet.

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