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Autogas vs. gas/diesel price comparison

As a fleet owner, your biggest single expense is likely to be fuel. The volatile fuel market makes it difficult to forecast a budget with any confidence beyond the next few months, and spikes in price always take a bite out of your bottom line.

There’s an easier way. Propane autogas provides fleet owners with the power they need in even the heaviest applications, but at a much lesser cost when compared to traditional fuels.

How much less?

Propane autogas, a byproduct of the petroleum and natural gas refining processes, generally follows the pricing trends of gasoline and diesel. However, propane prices have remained about 30% less on a per gallon basis than gasoline. That’s a significant difference to the average fleet owner.

To find out how much your fleet can save by transitioning to autogas, contact your FerrellAutogas representative today.

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