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Unlike other alternative fuels, the fueling infrastructure needed to meet your fleet’s autogas needs is relatively small and easy to manage. It’s easily scalable to fit the current and future needs of your fleet. Autogas dispensers, whether they’re simple pump-and-go configurations or state-of-the-art computer integrated versions, make filling your vehicles safe, fast and easy.

FerrellAutogas works with industry leaders to ensure that you have the right equipment and that it’s configured to meet your requirements.

FerrellAutogas dispensers offer:

Ease of use – If you can fill your car with unleaded, you can fill your fleet vehicle with autogas.

Speed – Refueling with autogas is much faster than with many other alternative fuels. We get you back on the road in minutes, not hours.

Integration – Manage your fleet using fueling software. Autogas dispensing stations integrate smoothly and help you get the most out of your fleet.

Economy – Autogas dispensers and tanks can be installed at minimal cost, especially when compared to other alternative fuels that can hit your budget for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Scalability – Whether your fleet is two or 200, autogas dispensing stations can be configured to meet your needs. And when your fleet grows, we grow easily with you without a need for a major overhaul to your facility.

Safety – Autogas is a closed system, so you don’t have to worry about the mess and danger that comes with spillage like you do with gasoline or diesel. And propane tanks are engineered to be 20 times more puncture-resistant than gasoline tanks.

Ease of installation – No need to disrupt your operations for weeks while your fueling infrastructure is re-piped or a holding tank is buried. FerrellAutogas fueling stations can be installed in as little as one day, getting you back to business quickly.

Contact your FerrellAutogas consultant to learn more about how propane autogas can help you.

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